A wide variety of servers for every computing need.

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Servers are physical computers dedicated to running one or more services such as databases, applications, mail, websites, files and printer sharing etc for users of other computers within a computer network. Servers allow for efficient resource sharing and management within the framework of a computer network. Depending on the computing service  needed server capacity would vary greatly. We can help you decide on a suitable spec. Contact us for free consultation.

Server Leasing

We provide a variety of solutions that allow you to run servers at minimal monthly costs. You have the option to lease servers at affordable monthly rates rather than make bigger capital investments to purchase your own hardware infrastructure.

Our leased servers are hosted in state-of-the-art data centres with geographically diverse PoP’s that provide seamless, direct, private and high speed access to backbone network, bringing connectivity closer to the end user. Our network is built from best-in-class networking infrastructure, hardware, and software with exceptional bandwidth and connectivity for the highest speed and reliability.

Three distinct and redundant gigabit network architectures (public, private and data centre to data centre), have been seamlessly integrated into a network-within-a-network topology; providing you maximum accessiblity, security and control over your IT infrastructure. With infrastructure solutions from AboveNet, Adaptec, Cisco, Comcast, Equinix, Fortinet, Intel, Level 3, NTT America, PassMark, Qwest, RackSolutions, Seagate, Telephonica and Western Digital among others, you are guaranteed a truely stable and highly available server infrastructure. Configure and lease your dedicated server now.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers give you the flexibility to scale your computing resources on demand. You can deploy virtual cloud servers in minutes and only pay for what you use; choose to pay hourly or monthly. Our cloud computing service is built on Citrix® XenServer™ and come with a guaranteed minimum of 2.0GHz processor speed with your choice of operating system. You can seamlessly integrate your cloud servers into dedicated servers and create a unified and inter-operable computing environment.

You get to choose a cloud environment that is most suitable for your need. You can choose between public, private, and bare metal cloud options and local or SAN-based primary storage options. We give you the flexibility to build your own cloud with our user-friendly ordering tool that allows you to customize the number of CPU cores, RAM and storage capacity among others. Start building your own cloud server here.