IT Support Services

Get IT support and focus on growth.

IT Support

With IT Support Services we take care of the day to day user support and operational management of a part or the entirety of your computer network as determined by your need. We leverage on well developed systems and support tools, strong partnerships with global players and industry expertise to give you timely and cutting-edge support at very competitive rates.

We’ll take care of your IT Systems and Infrastructure like it was our own. Our expert support engineers will help increase your equipment up-time and performance. We have various configurations for this service to suit varied support and budgetary needs.

Support Options

Help Desk Support

We provide assistance to end-users on any support or queries they have concerning their computer systems.  Help desk support is usually provided remotely; however we are able to provide onsite services to support end users and their systems where necessary.

Infrastructure Management

We manage specifically assigned IT infrastructure to improve productivity and user satisfaction while reducing costs. This may include desktop devices, servers, peripherals and networks. Gesatech’s infrastructure management services include IT asset management (from acquisition to disposal), patch management, as well as fault and performance monitoring and management.

Project Support

Gesatech Support Services is available to help you with your technical project needs. We take care of projects of various sizes, from simple upgrades to major network design and implementation projects.  We also provide leadership for project, help with strategic planning for future needs and provide analysis for your project.

Outsourced Staff

With this service option we assign the desired number of technical people to your organisation as would be suitable for your needs. And we monitor the schedules and duties of the assigned team in accordance with our Service Level Agreement. We have three levels of support available for both on-site and remote needs. You can have any number of dedicated or shared support technicians on your site or remotely to assist with your computer technology needs.

Complete Support

With Complete Support we take complete responsibility for your entire IT infrastructure and requirements; managing day-to-day IT services, providing long-term advice regarding IT-related business issues, and delivering exceptional value so that you can focus on your core business. We proactively monitor systems to identify and resolve potential issues before they become a problem. Maintenance work is usually planned and carried out after office hours and on weekends to ensure minimum disruptions in the organisation’s work flow, except in the event of emergencies.

How We Deliver

Onsite Support

Onsite support helps companies improve their organisational efficiency and allows them to benefit from the skills and experience of our dedicated support technicians. This service is provided in an effective, efficient and timely manner and is available 24/7 if required.

Remote/Offsite  Support

No matter which  part of the world you are located, if you are connected to the internet, you can get connected to our support engineers. Remote support is provided via:

–     Live chat

–     Telephone

–     Email & ticket system (Issue tracking system)

Payment Options


This package is targeted at clients who are looking to reduce IT support costs by paying only for usage. With our PAY-AS-YOU-GO plan you only pay for the services you use as you use them. To request a service you simply alert our service desk by phone on +233-(0)30-2978 297 or by email to

One-off Cost Per Equipment

This pricing option is most suitable for repairs, new installation & configuration. Prices are calculated per equipment per service. Rates are fixed irrespective of time used in solving the problem. That means even if the problem takes several days to fix, the rate applied would be the same.

Hourly Cost Per Support Level

This is basically, a pay as you go plan that allows you to pay for just the support you need per hour. It’s a good starting point when you are not sure of your support needs. You can always switch to bundled hours, per equipment pricing or even a monthly retainer when you have a clear picture of your support requirement.

Bundled Support Hours

This pricing option is prepaid support hours and comes with upto 30% discount. Although long term contracts are available it’s not mandatory. Service hours could be purchased and used anytime at your own pace. For e.g. you can use your purchased bundle for 6 months if it suits your support needs without any qualms whatsoever. Purchased support hours do not expire.



This kind of payment option has pricing negotiated and fixed to cover any need that would arise within the period. It is cost effective and is designed for medium to large companies that require considerable managed IT support. This allows you to concentrate on running your business with minimal disruptions to their IT infrastructure since you would not have to spend time negotiating cost of service every time a service is required.  Our retainer plan comes in two categories.

Monthly Retainer per Equipment

A monthly cost is calculated per equipment and is tiered to give volume discounts on large numbers of equipment supported. A fixed amount is paid monthly to cover the number of equipment selected.

Monthly Retainer Per Personnel (8/5 Schedule)

With this option you get dedicated personnel on your premises for an 8 hour daily, 5 days per week schedule totaling 40 hours per month. Where 24-hour support is required, you will need to subscribe to multiples of the support level required to make up the duration of daily support you need. For Eg. If you require 24 hour Level  1 support, you will need 3 Level 1 support engineers, each working for 8 hours per day. This option requires an annual contract.

Support Levels

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