Managed Services

Place your resource-intensive IT operations under our management.

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Managed Services enables you to outsource your day-to-day IT management responsibilities to us in order to improve your operations. Outsourcing IT management frees you up to concentrate on your core business whiles the tech experts manage your tech. Engaging us will enable you reduce overheads and improve efficiency with a wider breadth of IT expertise. We’ll take care of your IT infrastructure, e-Commerce systems, hosting, and websites like it was our own; and you’ll be covered by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

IT Infrastructure Management

To begin, we’ll assess your business goals, technical requirements, operational processes in conjunction with your existing IT infrastructure and develop a tailor-made management plan that guarantees the service level agreed. And then we’ll continuously review your infrastructure’s performance and health. Our IT Infrastructure Management can cover everything from procurement to asset disposal and everything in between; or could cover specific areas as your needs may dictate. Discuss your IT infrastructure management needs with us. Contact Sales.

e-Commerce Management

So you have an e-commerce system, but things are moving so fast and you’re unable to keep up with what new products need to be fed into your system, what old products need to be retired, what invoices are overdue, what payments need to be applied, what orders have not been fulfilled, shipping etc? We’re the people to talk to.

Our e-Commerce Management service gives you the comfort and peace of mind you need to think strategy and direct operations for your business, while we do the tech efficiently. We’ve played in a e-commerce quite a bit, so we know how it runs. We’ll check your system to make sure it’s secure and PCI compliant. We’ll update your products and service as frequently there’s need for, monitor orders and fulfill them in a timely manner, remove bugs from your system and even arrange for shipping with some of our courier partners and so much more. Do e-commerce hassle free. Do it with us supporting you.

Managed Hosting

Managing your own hosting can be tricky; plus you may not have the time for it.  That’s why we’re here. We’ll make sure your hosting infrastructure stays available 24/7 be it servers for your website, emails, databases or applications. For small hosting users, we have managed shared hosting services reasonably priced to suit small budgets. Please see plans here.

Database Hosting

Is your database growing so huge that you need an alternative storage? Host your database separately to maintain your data security and also isolate the precious data from buggy applications hosted on a common web server. Depending on your requirements, you can pick the best kind of database hosting service you’re interested in. Talk to Sales.

Application Hosting

When your organization is looking to access new business processes quickly and cost effectively, Gesatech Hosting Services is the best option for application hosting. We provide physical and cloud environments in which you can safely deploy your  applications, reduce cost by paying only for resources you use, upgrade when necessary and integrate easily with your existing databases and systems. Talk to Sales.

Web Content Management

Having a website is a great step towards gaining presence on the global market. But you can’t stop there… Your website needs to stay fresh with current and relevant information otherwise your targeted audience will simply pass you by to the competition with fresh content. Some websites are very easy to update, others are a bit more complicated technically and can be quite a challenge to update. Whatever your case might be, our Webmaster Service can help keep your site current and relevant to your targeted audience. Talk to Sales.