Network Services

Network solutions designed to work for you.

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We deliver network solutions with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you, our client, get the most robust and efficient network for your outfit and its operations.

Network Design

Your network is supposed to work for you; the best time to ensure you get nothing less is during the design phase. We begin by assessing your business goals and technology needs, then design the ideal network architecture to fit your objectives. We utilize flexible network designs that grow with you as your business expands, keeping cost-effectiveness in mind all the while. Discuss your needs with us. Contact us

Network Setup

We setup your network in a tidy and efficient manner based on your organisations requirements. Be it local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), we ensure your network is built in a robust way to provide efficiency, improve availability and enhance resource sharing.

Disaster Recovery Design & Implementation

We help you design and implement disaster recovery plans using reliable technology that enable you to get back into production within the shortest possible time after a disaster. Fast business continuity is the whole idea of having a disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan that takes all the time in the world to reproduce your backup could be as good as having no backup depending on what industry you’re in. A day’s delay could cost millions of dollars and untold law suits. We employ industry leading technologies that guarantee enviable RTO. Disaster could strike in the form of virus attacks, accidental deletion, equipment failure, fires, theft or natural  perils. The best time to get a DR plan is before a disaster. Don’t wait; get expert advise. Contact us.

Network Monitoring & Management

You get to sleep easy while we stay awake making sure your network is up and running efficiently as it should. We’ll monitor for slow or failing components/devices and remedy them before they cause problems. Talk to us.

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