Backup & Business Continuity Solutions

How quickly can your business bounce back after a disaster or critical data loss?

image of backup and business continuity solutions.

A reliable business continuity plan is vital to the success of every business. Significant interruptions in your computer systems can take your business offline for days; such downtimes could prove fatal in a competitive business environment as we have today. For most business owners, fires, tornadoes, floods or other natural disasters are not much of a concern as the loss of critical data or server crashes that take the company offline for hours or days and in extreme cases, forever.

Medium-sized and large corporations often have some kind of backup plan in place. However the efficiency and reliability of such plans are usually not up to scratch. Even though they have spent considerable time and money, many find they still struggle with routine file and email restorations. Quickly recovering a failed server, and testing backups to prove the business continuity plan works to auditors and company executives is usually an impossibility. Novell PlateSpin Forge is a hardware appliance that protects both physical and virtual servers using embedded virtualization technology.

Novell PlateSpin Forge Features

  • Low Risk Protection
  • Easy Test Failover
  • Failover Preparation
  • Multiple Recovery Points
  • Failback Flexibilty
  • Efficient Workload Protection over WAN
  • Economical Disaster Recovery
  • Whole Workload Replication
  • Plug In and Protect
  • Server Workloads
  • Rapid, one-click Failover
  • SAN Integration
  • Easy Management
  • Events,Tasks and Actionable Alerts
  • Workload Protection Metrics
  • Centralized Managemetn Console
  • Simple Web-based Management
  • Remote Control Contact us now and learn how you can protect your business.