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Running a business in today’s world has become increasingly complex. Not having a unified system to manage all the various functions within a business means that most things have to be done and managed manually, over and over again. This laborious approach doesn’t only cost an organisation a loss of time, but also leads to lower productivity, profitability and customer retention. Using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications ensures that the various functions within an organisation are well integrated into one system that relies on one database, which can either be deployed online or onsite.

We provide low-cost ERP solutions that are customised to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We provide well-setup, integrated and customised ERP solutions with the following modules:

◊   Manufacturing
◊   Ware housing
◊   Supply chain management
◊   Project management
◊   Sales and service
◊   Customer relationship management
◊   Finance /accounting
◊   Human resource management etc.

We also deploy specialty ERP solutions tailored to specific operations such as education and school management, health, subscription-based services and financial services.

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