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gHRM  is a powerful system that is used by small and medium sized companies to manage their human resource departments. This system has modules for employee self service, personnel information management, leave, time & attendance. The combination of these modules into one application assures the perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with the organizational goals.


  • It improves efficiency and is easy to use.
  • Maintain employee records e.g personal details, job history, salary history, contacts, dependents, terminations and many other important data sets in a single interface.
  • Allows you to manage your vacancies and candidates with the ability to assign designated hiring managers.
  • Have your candidates apply online. You w
  • Manage all employee leave requests with ease
  • More security & data integrity with in-depth audit trails, grannular role-based permission system and SSL.
  • It’s flexible and agile.

Our HRM solution can be deployed on your own computer network or online in a secured cloud server. Deploying it online makes it accessible to your organization from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet connection and a web browser.

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Administrative Module:  Helps the HR manager to define organization structure‚ pay scale, maintaining project information and other information that serves as the backbone for the rest of the system. Security issues are taken care of through this module as well by defining user rights and permissions.

Personal Information Management: A complete employee information management system which acts as a central employee database. This enables HR administrators to utilize all employee information productively.
Leave Module : A comprehensive holiday management module‚ with extensive possibilities of defining leave types and more. It caters for all leave application & approval processes and is able to display information on leave entitlement‚ balance‚ history etc.. Thanks to the web-enabled and self-service concepts‚ it significantly streamlines all leave related procedures‚ eliminates paperwork and saves costs.
Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking Module : A comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process. The module allows HR professionals to streamline the entire applicant tracking process effectively.
Time & Attendance Module: This module automates timekeeping related processes. The offered functionality enhances the organization’s performance by eliminating paperwork and manual processes associated with project timekeeping and attendance management. The sophisticated module helps to efficiently organize labor data‚ improve the workforce management and minimize errors in enforcement of company’s attendance policies.
Employee Self Service Module: One of the  powerful tool in the gHRM system which provides employees of the company with the ability to view relevant information such as personal information‚ updating personal information with web – enabled PC without having to hassle the HR staff. The functionality of this module spans through the entire system‚ making information available anywhere‚ anytime. Of course all information is subject to company defined security policy‚ where everyone can only view the information he / she is authorized to. Time and cost saving effects from this solution are tremendous.


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Prices ranges between $500 and $700 depending on the modules you choose.


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◊   Setup, configuration and customisation

◊   Initial data entry or migration

◊   Dedicated, secured cloud server hosting for 1 year

◊   1 Dedicated IP Address

◊   SSL certificate (for web-based security)

◊   Domain for 1 year

◊   1 year standard support or discounted priority support

◊   Training

request a school erp demo           buy-erp


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