Microfinance Management System


We’ll make managing your microfinance business headache-free.


The challenges of managing microfinance businesses are unique. Whiles you cannot wish away the complexities that come with managing credit and deposits, you often don’t have financial muscles as big as the commercial banks to utilise top industry technology for the much needed efficiency. And this is where we come in… We are offering you a robust management information system built specifically for microfinance institutions at a fraction of the usual cost. Our microfinance ERP solution is user-friendly, flexible to meet your unique operational needs and scalable for future growth. Get real time access to data across your organisation from any web browser. Manage branches, clients, loans, savings, accounting etc hassle-free without expensive WAN and VSat costs.


◊   Improves efficiency
◊   Grows with you as you grow.
◊   Gain transparency & insight into your business in real time.
◊   Reduces mismanagement and fraud.
◊   Robust accounting with reliable mathematical logic.
◊   Good security & data integrity with in-depth audit trails & role-based permissioning.
◊   User-friendly, flexible and agile.
◊   Complete privacy with secured dedicated cloud server.
◊   Easy access – No need for expensive WAN and VSat internet.
◊   Continuous development and support.

Our microfinance software can be deployed on your own computer network or online in a secured cloud server. Deploying it online makes it accessible to your organisation from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet connection and a web browser. It’s great for MFIs with more than 1 branch.

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Client Management

◊   Unlimited Clients, Groups & Centres
◊   KYC Details & Identification
◊   Notes on Clients
◊   Client Signature & Photo
◊   Client Documents Upload
◊   Relationship Officer Assigning
◊   Client Transfer
◊   Client Search

Banking / Transactions

◊   Unlimited Savings Products
◊   Unlimited Fixed Deposit Products
◊   Unlimited Recurring Deposit Products
◊   Unlimited Loan Products
◊   Loan Guarantors
◊   Unlimited Current Accounts
◊   Deposits & Withdrawals
◊   Fund Transfers & Standing Orders
◊   Flexible Charges & Penalties
◊   Savings Account Freezing


◊   Properly Structured and Customizable Chart of Accounts
◊   Single Journal Entries
◊   Multiple Journal Entries
◊   Creating Predefined Accounting Rules
◊   Querying Transactions
◊   Chart of Accounts Creation & Modification
◊   Accurate Accounting Postings


◊   Client Reports
◊   Loan Reports
◊   Savings Reports
◊   Funds Reports
◊   Financial Reports


◊   Unlimited User Administration
◊   Unlimited Branches
◊   Holiday Management
◊   Unlimited Employees
◊   Multiple Currency Support
◊   Funds Management
◊   Bulk Loan Assignments – Ease of administration
◊   Maker-checker or approver functions
◊   Role-based Privileges for enhanced Security

Accessibility, Security & Support

◊   Web-based solution accessible everywhere 24/7 with basic internet
◊   Deployed on 1 dedicated cloud server per company (no shared hosting)
◊   13 different layers of security including free SSL certificate
◊   Complete privacy and security
◊   100% server uptime guarantee
◊   Built-in disaster recovery with complete server backup
◊   Constant and reliable support built on advanced systems and tools


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How to Buy

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In addition to setup, configuration and customisation, get the follow absolutely FREE:

◊   Initial data entry or migration
◊   Dedicated, secured cloud server hosting for 1 year
◊   1 Dedicated IP Address
◊   SSL certificate (for web-based security)
◊   Domain for 1 year
◊   1 year standard support or discounted priority support
◊   Training

request a school erp demo

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