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school management system

Managing a school in this modern day requires a robust application that allows you to manage admissions, students, fees, teachers, payroll, facilities and many other functions from one single system running on one database, so you won’t have to repeatedly duplicate efforts, waste time and lose money.

Effective school management requires unique software functionality that is normally not found in standard ERP solutions for businesses; hence the need for an ERP solution tailor-made for schools. The need for extended features with simplicity cannot be over emphasised when it comes to school management systems.

Why Choose Our ERP?

Our school management system is a complete suite of applications that permits you to automate all aspects of your school or college management, from your administrators to teachers, Students and parents. Parents can view or be alerted to absences, grades assignments and school events. Students can view their grades, timetable, assignments and receive assistance outside of the classroom. Manage all student affairs, human resources, library, transport, hostel, finance etc from one efficient system.

Our School ERP deployment is affordable, feature-rich and super user-friendly. It can be deployed in the computer network on your premises or in our cloud infrastructure (web-based). Deploying it in the cloud makes it accessible to all users anywhere in the world; parents will particularly love this feature.

Take advantage of our FREE 1 YEAR HOSTING offer and get your web-based school management system started today. Manage your school more efficiently.

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Standard Deployment

The standard deployment has reduced features but is extremely affordable. It offers all the basic features and a great deal of freebies at a very low price.

◊   Classes /courses and batches
◊   Human resource
◊   Student attendance
◊   Timetable
◊   Examination
◊   Multiple dashboards
◊   Student admission
◊   News management
◊   User management
◊   School calender
◊   Finance
◊   Student information
◊   Event management
◊   Employee login
◊   Teacher login
◊   Student/parent login
◊   Customizable


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◊   Setup, configuration and customisation
◊   Initial data entry or migration
◊   Hosting for 1 year
◊   Dedicated IP Address
◊   SSL certificate (for web-based security)
◊   Domain for 1 year
◊   1 year standard support or discounted priority support
◊   Training


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